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Reminder to follow the code of conduct

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Hey folks, we just want to remind you of the importance of following the community Code of Conduct. It’s very important that we all work to maintain an inclusive and constructive environment.

As the DEV Community grows, we need to uphold our standards of professionalism and courtesy. Nobody’s perfect, and on the Internet it’s easy to be misconstrued, but we expect everyone to make a good faith effort.

Thanks to everyone in the community who helps mods and admins do their jobs by reporting abuse and violations. And an additional thanks to everyone who proactively uplifts other DEV members through supportive comments.

Happy coding.

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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I think we shouldn't be so selfish. Every article has at least two reasons. One is teaching. Okay, maybe a not so great tutorial doesn't give you much value. But every coin has two sides. That tutorial is written by the author because he wanted to learn. He wanted to learn how to teach, how to write and probably to understand the subject better. Instead of banning them, we should help the authors by giving them honest, but gentle feedback.

Hear y'all on all this, but I think the answer is a bit more involved than enforcing this kind of thing through the code of conduct.

Overall we don't want to be too gatekeepy in terms of types of content allowed to exist on the platform, but we do want the ranking algorithms to reflect good stuff. Ultimately your feed will include a lot of stuff people follow.

Anyway. Valid thoughts, but the answers will require more time and thought.


Thanks so much for this. You folks are a really great example of having a Code of Conduct and enforcing it.


So far I think DEV has done a good job being compassionate with "having a bad day"/vent posts, and taking action on posts which are intentionally damaging. I think this is an excellent balance, and hope to see the trend continue.


Thanks Kasey! Yes, we do try to strike this exact kind of balance and I feel like you articulated it well.

Thanks, yeah.

And I definitely agree with Sandor here. Many tutorials are written as an exercise, and somebody might find it valuable if they stumble on it now or in the future.

We don't want to say any kind of good faith content can't live on the platform, but we will continue to make efforts to have content become better discovered by those who need it and less likely to be visible for those who don't. Folks should get to write whatever they want within the scope of software development and we should give them the tools to do it more effectively. And then readers should be served stuff that's more relevant for them.

It's an exciting type of problem to tackle!!!

Just out of curiosity - there are several people here posting about content they find unsavory or not useful. What is the content you most enjoy engaging with on dev.to? What keeps you coming back? What would encourage you to engage even more?

I’m fairly new here and trying to feel out the community and how to get the most out of the site.

We’re pretty far afield of the Code of Conduct issue at this point, but the comments here have been super interesting and I’d love to hear more.

I think all Dev communities could use more tutorials on using the core or standard libraries of languages. I think the best thing any newcomer can learn is what goes on under the hood. However, I also agree that the best way to learn something is to try and teach it to somebody else, as anybody who has tried to learn another spoken language well knows. I remember another thread on Dev that mentioned how our community is mostly new developers looking for an inclusive place to learn and ask questions. I believe @ben mentioned that as Dev grows it will attract more senior folk who can provide more constructive criticism. IMHO I'd say let the React and CSS guides roll on within reason and all of us will grow in time. Even a not-so-great tutorial can tell us something we didn't know.


I understand if authors want to 'cross-post' their articles from other sources to Dev.to, but what irks me is when they just post a link to the article. Why not format it here at Dev.to and let's have a discussion on it?


Yes, we agree here. Not necessarily within the scope of code of conduct per se.

We have a ranking system which needs to get better at accounting for this kind of content effectively.


You guys are doing great - keep it up!
Just providing some feedback of what I'm seeing.

  1. Pobody's Nerfect
  2. You capitalize "Internet" as I do.

As you can see by the DEV name/logo, I seem to be quite fond of capitalization in general.


This is easily one of the top two communities I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. Thank you everyone.

That makes total sense. I was going to ask some follow up questions here, but we're pretty far off the original post topic. I've created a #discuss post for this topic because I think intended use vs actual experience on social sites is super interesting! Thanks!


While I'm supporting equality, civil-ness and using common sense as a key for a successful community, it makes me resentful that there is lately a lot of so-called sh*tposts and propaganda posts on Dev.to :/ Like a post with no other meaning than to self-promote and throw a bunch of words without anything constructive and useful. I've seen a few troll posts too, had a good laugh.


Here's the thing: common sense should be enough to get around not hurting people's feefees when commenting on here, and everywhere else for that matter.

Said common sense should be exercised by both parties.

Now, this PC madness that's going around the tech industry (I could cite dozens of projects jumping on the NPC bandwagon) just goes to show that people on the 'receiving end' of the information don't want to exercise said common sense, rather push their rules onto the other parties.

It's almost as if merit doesn't matter anymore, what only matters is if you are caring about someone else's feelings.


Darko: I hear you in principle, but if you want to send me some examples to help inform how we should be thinking about some posts and others, feel free to DM me.

Laszlo: Likewise, DM me if you'd like. NPC as a pseudo-slanderous Internet diss doesn't strike me as consistent with a call for common sense dialog/moderation etc. I think merit still matters a lot. We're a coding forum with an emphasis on inclusion and we try to act on that identity in a common sense way.

If you noticed, I was generalizing, and not applying the meme to you. It's what happening in the industry globally, not what you are doing personally. Your work in this site is something to be valued.

Hey, it's just what I've observed, but I guess that with the more members the content loses quality a bit.
Also, I don't think that you can decide whether some post should be published or not, because what's stupid and annoying for someone may be gold and interesting for someone else.
As much as it sucks to see those kinds of posts here I usually just skip them (or cringe a little), also, there is still a lot of interesting and quality stuff posted, and I'm still recommending dev to everyone that might be interested in seeing what you have here. Keep the good work.


I don't really understand the last part of the reply (PC?) but I certainly agree that common sense should be used on both sides. And yeah, there are too many triggered people all around lately, many of whom don't care about code or programming in general, just pushing their opinions down the throat of other people...


Here's the thing: common sense should be enough to get around not hurting people's feefees when commenting on here, and everywhere else for that matter.

I fully agree. But apparently it isn't. So what solution do you suggest? Ignore the reality and act as if we lived in an ideal world (even though we most certainly don't)?

It's not about ignoring reality, it's about considering if you wanna walk on the artificially created minefield of you being accused with all kinds of 'rule violations', or simply just take your balls and walk away.

All this just because of the aforementioned pushing rules on others, instead of having common sense.

It's rather rare that I comment on blogposts like these because my opinion is triggering exactly these responses, and results in unnecessary drama/catfights. And because of this, probably this is the last comment I've made in this thread.

I like to read these threads sometimes though, for the entertainment value.