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Task-Force Pilot Week

What is Task-Force
Task force is a program aiming to bridge the knowledge gap of software developers either university graduates or self-taught developers with profound previous knowledge of programming or designing.

find more about taskforce here

1. Team Building

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We started off, with a team-building session. we started with a game of picking an egg and putting it on top of a bottle, which involved all 5 members of the group at once.

one of many lessons I learned from that game is; to listen more to what my team members, before deciding on the action to be taken, for the treasure lies in details.

later we were randomly picked, and assigned several assignments, which helped us put to use the skills we gained from the team building session.

2. Project Management

We had the opportunity to learn Project Management skills from Yves Ndejuru, where we took a deep dive into waterfall and Agile (project management methodologies).


This can be described as an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle. This methodology breaks down large tasks to be completed in specific time frames called sprints.
In my point of view, it's used to promote flexibility, velocity (delivering pieces of the project to the user to ensure customer needs are met and get his/her product to the market in time with the best quality) and adaptability (enhance your product with the latest client needs). the methodology breaks down large tasks to be completed in specific time frames.


unlike Agile, waterfall is best suited for projects with a clear picture of the final product, it only works if a client doesn’t expect to make changes to the scope of the project after it has commenced.

some areas that waterfall works well are; construction, Manufacturing, repeated services, and many more.

in concluding there's more to come, in the 5 remaing weeks ahead, and i can't wait

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