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Kubernetes Architect digest — January 2023

Welcome to the Kubernetes Architect January digest!

In this recap, you will find a curated collection of the best Kubernetes, GitOps and cloud-native articles, tutorials, libraries and tools republished in January.

📚 Articles

1. 🔥 Request-based autoscaling in Kubernetes: scaling to zero

In this article, you will learn how to monitor the HTTP requests to your apps in Kubernetes and define autoscaling rules to increase and decrease replicas for your workloads.

2. 🔥 How we handled 100k+ CCU on a real-time collective canvas

In this case study, you will learn how Alexandre & William designed and scaled a Kubernetes cluster to 250k concurrent users for a charity event.

3. 🔥 Kubernetes capacity and resource management: it's not what you think it is

In this article, you'll learn how to manage resources and capacity in Kubernetes.


  • Set Resource Quotas for each namespace;
  • Set LimitRanges for each namespace;
  • Enforce rations between requests and limits.

4. 🔥 Design patterns for extensible controllers

This article aims to showcase some examples of how to design extensible controllers and operators for Kubernetes.

5. Protect Kubernetes APIs with rate limiting

Popular apps can be vulnerable to traffic surges that overwhelm the APIs and cause cascade failures.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use multiple Ingress Controllers to prevent Kubernetes apps and APIs from crashing.

6. Be lean, go far: leveraging Kubernetes for an elastic right-sized platform

In this case study, you will learn how the team at BlaBlaCar improved CPU sizing efficiency in their cluster from 25 to 53% and avoided wasting resources by getting a more elastic infrastructure.

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📖 Tutorials

1. Continuous deployments of Kubernetes applications using Argo CD GitOps & Helm charts

In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily set up Argo CD as an app of apps with Helm, deploy applications with Argo CD and subsequently manage these applications.

2. GitOps for Helm users

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to convert a Helm chart into declarative Custom Resources for Flux and gradually migrate your workloads to be GitOps-friendly.

3. Terraform vs Helm for managing Kubernetes objects

In this tutorial, you will cover Terraform and Helm for managing Kubernetes clusters with code snippets and an idea of how you can use them together.

4. Creating a mutating webhook for great good!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically schedule Kubeflow pipeline Pods from any number of namespaces on dedicated GKE node pools.

5. Using CDK to perform continuous deployments in multi-region Kubernetes environments

This post demonstrated how to create a continuous deployment pipeline to deploy applications in multiple EKS clusters running in different regions.

The accompanying CDK code creates EKS clusters and the CI/CD stack to continuously deploy applications.

💼 Kubernetes jobs

DevOps Engineer

  • Salary: $30K - 50K
  • Location: Remote (Worldwide) 🗺
  • Tech stack: Kubernetes, GCP, Docker, GraphQL, Typescript, Redis, Database, CI/CD

DevOps Engineer

  • Salary: £40K - 50K
  • Location: Remote (United Kingdom) 🌎
  • Tech stack: Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Helm, Docker, Python, CI/CD, Graylog, Prometheus

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🛠 Tools and libraries

1. aws-samples/eks-multi-cluster-gitops

This repo contains the implementation of a multi-cluster GitOps system on EKS.

2. coderanger/migrations-operator

Migrations-Operator is a Kubernetes operator to manage database migrations or similar application setup tasks.

3. helm/helm-mapkubeapis

mapkubeapis is a Helm v3 plugin which updates in-place Helm release metadata that contains deprecated or removed Kubernetes APIs to a new instance with supported Kubernetes APIs.

4. jkosik/helm-decomposer

helm-decomposer decomposes Helm packages and visualizes the hierarchy of subcharts and images.

5. cdk8s-team/cdk8s

cdk8s is an open-source software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications and reusable abstractions using familiar programming languages and rich object-oriented APIs.

6. kubefirst/kubefirst

The Kubefirst CLI is a cloud provisioning tool that creates a kubernetes cluster with automated Infrastructure as Code, GitOps asset management and application delivery, secrets management, and more.

7. crumbhole/argocd-lovely-plugin

This plugin extends ArgoCD with:

  • Composing multiple things together to form a single app from multiple directories.
  • Helm + Kustomize just work.
  • You can chain several plugins together.
  • When used with application sets, you can apply Kustomizations.

More interesting projects:

📅 Upcoming Kubernetes events

Extending OpenShift security and observability with Calico

📅 31 Jan, 5:00 pm UTC — Online webinar.

CloudNative SecurityCon North America 2023

📅 1 Feb, 0:00 pm UTC — In-person conference (this event requires an entrance fee).

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

📅 2 Feb, 11:00 pm UTC — In-person meetup.

🔥 Run PostgreSQL the Kubernetes way & Kubernetes on autopilot

📅 4 Feb, 5:00 am UTC — In-person meetup.


📅 6 Feb, 7:00 am UTC — In-person conference (this event requires an entrance fee).

🔥 Civo Navigate

📅 7 Feb, 0:00 pm UTC — In-person conference (this event requires an entrance fee).

🎫 Use SP50 to get 50% discount

7 Kubernetes tools to boost your productivity

📅 9 Feb, 8:00 pm UTC — Online meetup.

🔥 Advanced Kubernetes course

📅 14 Feb, 9:00 am UTC — In-person workshop (this event requires an entrance fee).

Efficient analytics applications with Kubernetes and Volcano

📅 15 Feb, 6:00 pm UTC — In-person meetup.

🔥 Kubernetes Community Days Pakistan

📅 17 Feb, 4:00 am UTC — Online conference.

Monitoring Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus/Grafana & Kubernetes in Public Cloud

📅 18 Feb, 5:15 am UTC — Online meetup.

GitOps for ML: converting notebooks to reproducible pipelines

📅 21 Feb, 3:30 pm UTC — Online meetup.

🔥 Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam 2023

📅 23 Feb, 7:00 am UTC — Online & in-person conference (this event requires an entrance fee).

🎫 Use KCDA20 to get 20% off

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📢 Call for papers

Discover this month's (21) Call for Papers on Kube Events →

And that's all!

If you prefer reading a weekly digest of the best Kubernetes news, you should check out Learn Kubernetes weekly!

Until next time!

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