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Editing images in Linux

Kamal Mustafa
Python/Django Developer at GetOTP (, fast and simple to integrate OTP API with ready made UI
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tldr; It still painful.

I've just switched to Thinkpad X1 Carbon and running Fedora 30. Really missed the simple Preview app in MacOS.

Basically I just want to do the usual stuff - crop/resize photos for attaching in blog post. And then some more 'advance' stuff like embedding photo in another photo.

For crop and resize, gthumb seem to do the job.

But for embedding image, I have to resort to good old Gimp in the end. Try Krita but I don't see any improvement over Gimp in term of UX.

So to embed image in Gimp, first open the image you want to embed. Select All and then Copy. Use Selection if you only need some part of it. Then open the target image, choose the Selection tools and draw the region you want to embed the image. Go to Edit - Paste into Selection (this is the key thing). The embedded image might not really fit in the target image so you may want to resize it. Go to Layer, the embedded image will appear as new layer, select it, right click and choose Scale Layer.

And that's it.

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Sundeep • Edited

I usually end up searching cli solutions for resizing, adding borders, reducing image size (ex: pngquant for png). I use Shotwell for manual crop, it has some more features too.

I always think about learning gimp (or someother tool), but never did for past 5+ years of Ubuntu :D

To create cover images or flow diagrams, I use which has a nice UI

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Kamal Mustafa Author

Well, learning gimp has been on my todo lists since 20 years ago ;)

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Johannes Vollmer • Edited

Have you searched for online web apps? I'm confident there must be some online photo editing web app somewhere! There's even a 3D modelling app called

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Kamal Mustafa Author

Right. A friend pointed to me after I shared this with them.