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Why I used Docker?

Kamal Mustafa
Python/Django Developer at GetOTP (, fast and simple to integrate OTP API with ready made UI
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A topic came up in my private telegram group on why we use Docker, so I'll just pasting back some of the answers here.

AC: Why Docker ? (because docker is just an additional layer of complexity, and only helps when you're doing a lot of things repeatedly, at scale. Otherwise, it's just a disk space sink). What do you wanna do with docker?

AS: It can be "Just because" guys... I dockerized my vim so from any pc I use I can have same plugins and everything. Like 60 MB compressed image and 130 uncompressed. But that's because I compiled vim with huge flag and threw in python perl lua and ruby otherwise it's much much smaller. My base vim with big feature flag is only 30MB uncompressed.

AC: The reason why "Why Docker?" is asked is to ensure you can see the benefit in containerizing your use case. Otherwise it's just so much more painful. is already a good start. (He used Docker 'coz he don't wanna hunt down and install PHP-7.2 just for running/testing wordpress).

K: We're python shop so no proper php env. But sometimes customer come with their php script for help, so docker is the easiest to quickly test the script.

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Lucas Arantes

I use docker because I have multiple apps and I need to switch between them with ease, for example to build everything I need for my app for the first time I just need to run docker-compose build, even for apps that have elastic search, redis and more than just code and a database. It’s possible to do that without docker though, but with a lot more work and time. Also I’m learning about Kubernetes which requires a container engine.

Great post. I’m curious about how you have dockerized your vim, have you published that somewhere?

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Kamal Mustafa Author

Hi, thanks for sharing. It's not me actually dockerized vim, but I can ask this to that guy, or try to bring him here ;)

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Lucas Arantes

No worries, I was just curious, but it would be great to see more docker blog posts here =)