ng-select Filtering Internals!

jwp profile image John Peters ・1 min read

Sometimes, we as developers loose a lot of time because we don't know the internals of the components we are using and the documentation is very poor.

So we just have to dig in and figure it out.


This is the StackOverFlow question and answer I created on ng-select internals related to filtering the infamous 'no items found' message when typing in letters in the dropdown list.

I believe this was a challenge due to the fact our list was not a simple string list, it was an object with many properties...

This is how it was solved.


I have a ng-select component whose drop-down items look like this image above.

In an attempt to filter the list, I type in characters into the input control and see this: "No Items Found" despite the fact they are in the list.

enter image description here

Here's what I've done to try to figure…



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