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PHP Version

 * Bingo Challenge
 * @param array $input Array of 10 number  
 * @return string  
 function bingo(array $input = []): string  
    // BINGO  
    $winSequence = [2, 9, 14, 7, 15];  

    return ($winSequence === array_intersect($winSequence, $input)) ? 'WIN': 'LOSE';  

Why adding public before the function keyword?


Force of habit.
I never code in a procedural way, I always have a class, so I declare method visibility ...

It's for sure a Fatal Error in a procedural code.

I'll edit my snippet in consequence

Okay I though it was a new language feature haha.

I didn't found any use case of this function in PHP before but now I do thanks to your take at the challenge. Well done btw!

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