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My first experience co-operate with other student in programming

Met Alex

During the SSG development through Release 0.1 in the OSD600 class, the professor gave me the role of working with one of my classmates and reviewing each other's code.

I checked Slack a little late, and while I was looking for a classmate to work with, I was kindly offered to work with Alex Romanova. As I am using the same language, Nodejs, I was very curious and happy, so I had high expectations.

Co-operate each other

Alex's api is called NODESSG, and it is very strongly appealing to itself what function and what language it operates in, and I was curious because it was very similar to my api.

The code brought me another unfamiliarity with my code, and it was a series of amazing experiences. But, very sadly, when both me and Alex ran each other's code, we found a bug where the html content was all in the h1 tag.

This was the biggest challenge for us among many other issues. This is because other problems can be quickly identified and solutions can be applied, but the problem is not easily solved. But, fortunately, my great colleague Alex gave us a clear answer to the problem, and fortunately we went beyond that and can focus on improving the task at hand.


In fact, I had a very arrogant thought that if I didn't find out, other students would probably not know, because I had never collaborated with other people before this class, so I had a very arrogant thought. However, through this collaboration, I felt the value of collaboration and the efficiency through collaboration of other collaborators. There is a lot to learn from others. But, unfortunately, I failed to understand and master all the code of my very good collaborator Alex. Because I've seldom done anything like that. However, this is also a valuable experience, so through continuous practice, I will further improve my skills in looking at other people's code and finding things to learn.

As a result, the collaboration was successful and I can say that Alex and I had an enjoyable and informative experience
(Alex right? (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و).

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