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First time my Hacktoberfest


Since I started to do my Release 2.0 the first action I did is try to clicking some projects which seem interesting and I could find one that is called Todo-app.

Before Starting

There are 2 issues at that time and I applied to him both issues and start to work on them. However, sadly(?) other people also wanted to do about CSS issue and the project owner nirajacharyaa told me do
only the localStorage. It was a bit sad that I couldn't take it all, but still, the part that deployed to me was enough to make my interest.


Actually, the task was simple I just added

//added localStorage func
    localStorage.setItem(task.innerText, task);
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//delete selected todo-list item from localStorage
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pull-request them. Fortunately without any problem my pull-request was accepted.

To finish

It was really interesting experience for me and not only limited the assignment that I can working for the project what I like is really attractiveness. Hope I can enjoy this after the OSD600

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Pavan Chilukuri

Feel free to contribute to this css-snippets repo.