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Fast Track Websites

For the last little while, I've had an amazing little thing called time. I can spend weeks/months on a website, spend time tweaking it, getting all the bugs out...

This isn't the case for everyone, or even most people! I bet you've felt the time crunch. The impending deadlines. At some point in your life, I think everyone has.

In college, I think I was the most time crunched I've ever been. I'd have 3 days to smash together a website, and in those same 3 days I have to design an app and code some HTML snippets.

And... call me crazy... I kinda miss it. I work my best when I'm stressed. Having an impending deadline is exhilarating.

So I gave myself a weekend project. I came up with a new idea for my personal website, and I rolled with it. I've given myself 4 days, and they've been amazing. Seeing my site come together so quickly is amazing, and I'm really happy with the current setup!

It's very simple, and 4 days was maybe too much time for it. To be honest, most of those days were spent doing other things, and in the end I maybe spent 6-8 hours actually working on this site.

But I absolutely loved having a deadline, even if it was self imposed. It gave me that same sense of being stressed, and needing to get something done. Even if I didn't need to have it done this quickly, and I'll probably be updating it here and there when I come up with new ideas, it's a website. And it's great.

If you want to give me feedback (keep it nice, yet constructive), check out the test version here! I'd love to get more opinions. I think there's a message system on here (which I haven't used yet, shame on me) or you can hit me up on Twitter.

Now back to working on my To Do App!

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