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Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend is natural language processing (NLP) to extract insights about the content of documents. This mean when you input for example some kind of the sentences, service will analyze all words, find key phrases, entities, language (supported languages).

For example, I put simple sentence for analyzing the text (just in my case my name is identified like organization, but that is because I didn't provide more informations about me).

Image description

After analyzing my text, results was:

Image description

But if I change to another language, portugese, you can see it on image that it recognize the language with 98% of confidence.

Image description

Insights of language:

Image description

Using this sentence in portuguese (português), in Insight you will see some interesting things, for example that I didn't write correctly some words and the confident it's little bit less.

Amazon Comprehend detect dominant things in document. For example dominant language in text is portugese, it will recognize it.

Amazon Comprehend analyzes the following types of insights:

Entities – References to the names of people, places, items, and locations contained in a document.

Key phrases – Phrases that appear in a document. For example, a document about a basketball game might return the names of the teams, the name of the venue, and the final score.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Personal data that can identify an individual, such as an address, bank account number, or phone number.

Language – The dominant language of a document.

Sentiment – The dominant sentiment of a document, which can be positive, neutral, negative, or mixed.

Targeted sentiment – The sentiments associated with specific entities in a document. The sentiment for each entity occurrence can be positive, negative, neutral or mixed.

Syntax – The parts of speech for each word in the document.

Links to practice Amazon Comprehend:

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