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AWS CloudQuest Networking-Monitor and analyze Network Traffic

  1. Setup CloudWatch log group

In creating log group there is option for setup "retention setting". Retention setting can be used how long log events are kept in CloudWatch Logs. They are very useful in detecting problems with applications in real time, because CloudWatch is service to monitor in real time situation in AWS.

Expired log events get deleted automatically. Just like metric filters, retention settings are also assigned to log groups and the retention assignes to a log group is applied to their log stream.

Option "Never expire" can increase your log storage COSTS.


AWS System Manager, feature Session Manager is fully managed AWS System Manager. Session Manager help users to manage services:

  • EC2
  • Edge devices
  • On-premises servers
  • Virtual Machines (VMs)

Session Manager allow to user specify amount of time to allow a user to be inactive before the systems ends a session.

If you are planning to play this task "Monitor and analyze Network", the task have error during connection on EC2 instance.

AWS Support is contacted so I hope so that it will be resolved soon. You can see error on the link.

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