Embedded visit counter doesn't work here. Any Idea why?

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Testing if this works...

Got a visit counter from https://www.freecounterstat.com/ .

URL: https://counter9.wheredoyoucomefrom.ovh/private/freecounterstat.php?c=p8pa7snn91j8x7gashjuua3smee7r8m6

I embedded it as an image. But dev.to is caching images through a proxy, so the image URL is not being hit.

it's always 1

Any idea whats happening?

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The way most stat counters like that work is that they count the amount of times the specific path is being requested. Since dev.to caches images, when someone visits the post, its CDN gets the request, not the original place the image is from. So basically, to the stat counter, almost nobody has visited your post. The one time the path was requested was when dev.to was getting the “image” for caching.


Yeah, I was wondering why no one ever used it.

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