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Andy Leverenz
Andy Leverenz

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Meet Nova - A modern new code editor from Panic

Meet Nova, Panic's newest code editor.

I have been a long time fan of Panic software since the original Coda code editor was released. Having switched from Coda to Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code and now Panic's new app called Nova has given me nearly a full spectrum of code editor experiences.

This video is quick review/unboxing of the application. I ended up purchasing it and plan to put it to more use where I can. VS code still wins in terms of features/formatters/extensions but Nova is a really nice app that you could get by just as well with.

The real nice aspect of the app is the fact that it's completely native to the Mac. There isn't any Electron in these apps since it's all proprietary code underneath. Something about that excites me and makes me favor native apps over electron-based.

If you want to see more walk-throughs/reviews like this be sure to let me know. They are pretty fun to go through live. I hope you enjoy!

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Pete DeGraw • Edited

I've been using Nova for a month now for Node, React, WordPress, and Rails. Definitely recommend it. While it's been a little tricky getting used to key commands, Nova is quite fast and has been a welcome change from what is on the market. It's nicely configured out of the box, kind of like VS Code or similar, and much more ready to work than something like Sublime Text.

It is far more private in comparison to many other editors out there (VS Code, Web Storm, etc.).

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Tom Byrer

macOS only :/

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Matt Heslington

This looks very promising indeed. As much as most of us love VS Code, it's refreshing to have a change once in a while.

That hover effect on the site 😍

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Jordan Brennan

Definitely giving it a try. Loved Coda, it just fell behind so I switched to WebStorm