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Let's Build for Ruby and Rails Developers - Part 19

Continuing on from part 18 I progress with front-end validation using the Vuelidate library for Vue.js.

Details of part 19

In part 19, I stumble a bit getting our Vue central store pattern to play nicely with Vuelidate. After a bit of hackery, I figured out an approach to validate the fields of the new job form I'm wanting to.

Below the form itself is the step-by-step form wizard pagination. You'll see a "Continue" button which I only want to enable if all fields are first valid. This makes the experience a bit less error-prone for the end-user so they don't forget important data required to post on

Luckily, with the bulk of the front-end validation out of the way we are very close to wrapping up the form itself minus a few issues with image uploads, state management and more. Ideally, I want to queue up some different states based on responses back from the Rails app behind the scenes. An example might include if a credit card is declined. I want to return this message to the user so they know what actually happened.

There is a lot still to do but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm super excited to progress so we can start working on more backend and admin-level controls.

Plans here include:

  • A place to review job submissions and alter their status
  • Email delivery for job posts, status updates, and digests for public-facing users who want to get updated rails or ruby jobs in their inbox.
  • Start the community-side of the app including profiles, stats, and more per developer
  • Integrate a SaaS-based search tool for finding developers that match an employer's needs. This needs more research/conceptualization but I discussed the initial idea more in part 1.

Be sure to check out the whole collection if you're new to this series!

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