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June Dang
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How to get out of coding monkey and become a software engineer?

We as developers are love to code - that's a good thing. However, too much focus on technical in the business aspect maybe not that great. Nowadays, standing out as a developer within an organization requires more than just core technical skills. And if not recognize this aspect, one can easily falling into the trap of the infinite loop of mindlessly taking orders and coding without further growth.

In your opinion, what additional skills do developers need beside technical perspective to become software engineers?

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1.proactive thinking
2.communication generous to novice

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To me, I would say the skills to ask questions and structure a solution. Coding is a way to either enhance the connection between human beings or to outsource the work to computers, either your laptop or any one in the cloud.

However, the ability of asking questions is essential because that can open up ways to new world. Like someone is complaining it's hard to run Visual Studio on his old desktop, and you may recommend him Microsoft Dev Box.

Or like you have a friend needs to deal with a messy Excel Spreadsheet every month, and you can propose a solution with the new Microsoft Fabric. And help him with the coding aspects.

I hope this is helpful.

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Hendrik Ras

I love to code, some of my job involves sitting in meetings, making sure stakeholders are happy. Mentoring juniors (I actually get a lot of energy from that), and evaluating them. Being a (SCRUM) evangelist, that means giving presentations.

If you are lucky. They will promote you so that will become your day job. And coding will take a back seat. Be carefull what you wish for ;)