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Uncovering Global YouTube Trends with Power Bi

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It’s truly captivating how powerful tools like Power BI allow us to delve into raw data, unraveling its secrets and extracting invaluable insights that individuals and organizations can leverage to drive data-informed decisions. In this exciting journey, I embarked upon an exploration of the Global YouTube dataset, unearthing intricate patterns and illuminating trends across streams, views, and subscribers for the world’s most prominent YouTubers!

Data Source

The dataset I used I got from Kaggle, here is the link, the data was already cleaned so yeah! I did not do much in terms of cleaning up the data.

Report Insights

Here is an overview of the global YouTube statistics showing subscribers, YouTubers, and their monthly earnings (highest and lowest), total views for each category as well as subscribers by category, the numbers are displayed on the dashboard below;

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There’s quite a huge difference between the highest and lowest monthly earnings, up to 546M! What could be the reasons for such a huge difference? What are the secrets behind these huge numbers?

Let’s see!

Youtuber Statistics

Is there a link or relationship between the number of subscribers a YouTuber has, Uploads, Number of views, and their total earnings per month? Let’s see what the dashboard below has to say about this!

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Well, there is quite a strong relationship between the number of subscribers and number of views that a YouTube channel has. Check out T-Series, it has the most number of subscribers and views too, but it’s not the same case with the number of uploads it has, does it?

Population statistics

Ps. Most of the subscribers are from America, Europe, and Asia.

Can you see how entertainment is dominating? Up to 100 billion people spend their time on entertainment, even the students in tertiary! Fascinating indeed!

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But wait, there’s more! This revelation holds profound significance for YouTubers worldwide. Armed with these statistics, content creators gain an unprecedented advantage in shaping their creative endeavors. They now possess insights into the very essence of YouTube viewers’ preferences, enabling them to craft content that resonates with the masses.

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