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The very simple reason why i don't use vim but prefer nano

First of all, i know this might be an unpopular opinion of mine, but i had to say this: i prefer nano over vim, did you hear it right Richard? yes of course you did.

The first thing you might wonder is why is this random guy trolling on dev, but trust me i'm not.

First of all, let's make something clear, i have used vim before but i've encountered some little annoyance each time i try to learn it,now let's see the whys of this post.

* Hard

Vim is, let's face it, hard to learn, it's facts that's all.

* WTF??

I don't have time to learn how to use vim to it's full extend might as well use an IDE or even better nano

* Nano

Come on, nano is waaay easier to exit and more user friendly than vim or all these IDEs, Long Live Lord Nano

* The real reason

Ok, now's time for the revelation,i've never ever preferred nano over vim,it's just that,😳,i broke my q key on the keyboard and without it, i simply can't exit vim(This is the truth,this is not a joke at all),
So in all my anger and frustration i have to use the likes of nano or Vscode, i mean, who in their sane mind uses them?babies? Come on, real men use vim(or don't)

Hope you enjoyed reading my rant,
From the kitchen, @juju

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Thomas Legris

If your 'q' key is broken, just use ZZ ;-)