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Tips on how to retain top talent

One of the major problems in an organization is getting the right person for a job well and knowing how to retain top talent. The world of tech is a competitive one and top talents in the industry are always on the lookout for mouth-watering opportunities as well as a work-friendly environment.

Coupled with the ongoing global pandemic, tech talent has taken a different approach by switching over to being independent and choosing a remote workplace.

Tips on how to retain top talent

Train Talents:

Organisations must make it a point of duty to always train talents in the industry. Providing proper training for staff irrespective of their level increases efficiency.  At that, talents are able to function better as they subconsciously believe that they are obligated to give their best to the organization.

Giving enough training to employees most especially tech talents, keep them abreast of recent developments in the industry. skills and knowledge acquired in the course of the training most times lead to innovation and development in an organisation.

Attractive incentive:

Little kind gesture from an employer to an employee could make a whole lot of difference in an employee's attitude towards work. Retaining talent in an organisation, incentives and welfare packages are important, as it serves as motivation for employees.
Incentives might not necessarily be money, it could be a simple ticket to watch a trending movie, discount on products, granting sabbatical leave, free breakfast/lunch and lots more.

Build relationships


Research has shown that hostile environment reduces functionality. Hostility most especially from employers have negative effects on employees. Examples of such hostility include; impolite words, cursing, nagging, constant criticism and many others. All this could have bad effects on the employee which could reduce the productivity of the employee.

To retain talents in an organization, employers are advised to build a cordial relationship with their employee by talking to them, encouraging them, commending them when necessary and paying attention to their needs and complains. Employers should as well take notes of little details about their employees such as their names, and other important aspects about them. Cordial relationship would help instil a team spirit and make them feel more at home.

Encourage personal development:

Personal development should be encouraged by employee as it helps build the employees capabilities and potential. As an employer, you could encourage your employees to take classes or courses that could help him or her get better in a particular aspect or field of work.

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