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Imposter Syndrome And How To Get Off It


Imposter syndrome is that feeling of “incompetency” in someone when they are trying to do something.

Practical Illustration:

Recruiter: What skill set do you have Me: I write web application programs with javascript and its frameworks like React. I have done a series of projects in the past. Recruiter: Okay, that’s nice. You are hired, you can start tomorrow

My head: Wow!! That was quick, wasn’t expecting it to be this easy and fast. Anyways am hired already.

At office Boss: Add feature ABC in our existing application, do this…..that….. Me: Oh!!! My God, I’m not good as this guys think I am, I think I have been faking myself. My head: These guys will kick you out next month before you know it. You can’t do this.

Me: feeling like an imposter right now, should I tell them I know no shit?

Alt Text

Okay, that’s how practical I can be able to explain imposter syndrome at my level right now, Lol.

So I decided to write about this imposter syndrome especially for developers because often times I have fallen in this very state of mind and have seen friends also who are stuck in it. Imposter Syndrome makes you feel like you’re a fraudster and you will be caught soon, it makes you feel very unqualified for the work you do or the work assigned to you to do. Yeah!! But the good news is that you’re not the only one affected by this thing, even senior developers most times find themselves in this truck of destruction and the bad news is if you allow it get deep to you without taking a proper action it might ruin your career. Lately, in the Tech industry especially in the Developers ecosystem, this imposter syndrome has become a talk and experienced people who have gotten off it try to preach how both senior developers, junior developers, and code newbies can get off imposter syndrome. Before anything else you should

stop comparing yourself with anybody else

know that know nobody knows it all (absolutely nobody)

Start setting goals and build growth rather than sit down and compare skill

Learn how to do things at your pace and which learning pattern works for you

When you are stucked ask from a friend (that's a great reason and importance of belonging to a Developer’s Community as a developer)

Learn how to Learn (drive your car yourself)

Don’t quit any step, it’s fine if you give it a break and then get back later on it

When you’re getting the feeling of imposter syndrome, try to do something different which you like doing so that you can clear your memory at the moment.

Don’t force anything on yourself

So at the last words, I encourage you not to feel you are the only one having this imposter syndrome experience. You are not alone, you are not unqualified.

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