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JSTools Weekly

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JSTools Weekly — 🔥2023#8: YoBulk: CSV Importer By GPT3

Hi JS developers👋
JSTools Weekly newsletter, issue 2023#8 (hot JS Tools) just released.

hot JS tools, issue 2023#8

yobulkdev: Open Source CSV importer powered by GPT3 - Free alternative

traceo: Traceo is a simple platform to monitor application performance with error handling.

houseform: Simple to use React forms, where your validation and UI code live together in harmony.

  • Field First: Consolidate your UI and validation logic in one location - your fields.

  • Headless & runtime agnostic: Use HouseForm in any React supported environment, from native apps to the CLI.

  • Zod Powered: Easily setup complex validations for your form fields.

  • Flexible API: Mix and match which validation methods work best per-field.

  • Lightweight: HouseForm has a bundle less than 4KB GZIP in size.

  • Fast: Our benchmarks have us on-par or faster than common alternatives.

nodl: A framework for computational node graphs.

requestly: 🚀 Most Popular developer tool for frontend developers & QAs to debug web and mobile applications.

  • 🌐 Modify Request URL

  • 🔌 Modify API Request body and Response

  • 📜 Insert Custom Scripts

  • 🎬 Modify Headers

  • 📱 Modify User Agent

  • 🗃 Mock Server

  • 🎥 Data Rich bug reports

ts-rest: RPC-like client, contract, and server implementation for a pure REST API

  • End to end type safety 🛟

  • RPC-like client side interface 📡

  • Tiny bundle size 🌟 (1kb!)

  • Well-tested and production ready ✅

  • No Code Generation 🏃‍♀️

  • Zod support for runtime type checks 👮‍♀️

  • Full optional OpenAPI integration 📝

iasql: Infrastructure as data in PostgreSQL

voici.js: A Node.js library for pretty printing your data on the terminal🎨

discord-fs: Discord as a filesystem

replicad: The library to build browser based 3D models with code.

graphql-network-inspector: Chrome Plugin for GraphQL network monitoring

sequential-workflow-designer: Customizable no-code component for building flow-based programming applications

data: Custom built data types leveraged by the Effect ecosystem

jiti: Runtime Typescript and ESM support for Node.js

  • Seamless typescript and ESM syntax support

  • Seamless interoperability between ESM and CommonJS

  • Synchronous API to replace require

  • Super slim and zero dependency

  • Smart syntax detection to avoid extra transforms

  • CommonJS cache integration

  • Filesystem transpile hard cache

  • V8 compile cache

  • Custom resolve alias

manter: Terminal with autocomplete suggestions

zipline: A ShareX/file upload server that is easy to use, packed with features, and with an easy setup!j

Quell: Quell is an easy-to-use, lightweight JavaScript library providing a client- and server-side caching solution for GraphQL.

nuxt-security: 🛡 Security Module for Nuxt based on OWASP Top 10 and Helmet

  • Nuxt 3 ready

  • Security browser headers

  • Request Size Limiter

  • Rate Limiter

  • XSS Validator for GET and POST requests

  • CORS Handler similar to popular Express.js middleware

  • Allowed HTTP Methods Restricter

  • Hidden 'X-Powered-By' header

  • [Optional] Basic Auth support

  • [Optional] CSRF support

See full list of hot javascript tools

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