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JSTools Weekly

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✨2023#15: Unlazy: Universal Lazy Loading

Hi JS developers👋
JSTools Weekly newsletter, issue 2023#15 (top new JS releases) just released.

See full list of new javascript tools

JSTools Weekly - issue 2023#15 - new js tools

unlazy: 🪧 Universal lazy loading library for placeholder images leveraging native browser APIs

unlazy library


  • 🎀 Native: Utilizes the loading="lazy" attribute

  • 🎛️ Framework-agnostic: Works with any framework or no framework at all

  • 🌊 BlurHash support: SSR & Client-Side BlurHash Decoding

  • 🪄 Sizing: Automatically calculates the sizes attribute

  • 🔍 SEO-friendly: Detects search engine bots and preloads all images

  • 🎟 <picture>: Supports multiple image tags

  • 🏎 Auto-initialize: Usable without a build step

jscanify: Open-source Javascript mobile document scanner.

  • paper detection & highlighting

  • paper scanning with distortion correction

strz: 💪 Very strongly typed string functions in TypeScript

vue-c2c: Transforming Vue components to composable functions



vue-reuse-template: Define and reuse Vue template inside the component scope.

next-zod-router: Zod driven simple method routing for Next.js

  • Type-safe API routing

  • Type-safe API call

  • Validation using zod

  • Error handling

  • Type definition file generation for client-side use

  • Middleware support

telegram-chatgpt-concierge-bot: Interact with OpenAI's ChatGPT via Telegram and Voice.

ai-legion: An LLM-powered autonomous agent platform

autogpt-gui: A graphical user interface for AutoGPT

ai-brainstore: A proof-of-concept of a brain for an AI agent.

babyagijs: AI-powered task management system in Javascript

  • Task creation: Generates new tasks based on the current context and objectives.

  • Task prioritization: Reorders tasks according to their importance and relevance to the main objective.

  • Task execution: Performs tasks and returns results.

babyagi-ts: A CLI tool for creating and managing BabyGI agents

gptrpg: A demo of an GPT-based agent existing in an RPG-like environment

gpt-assistant: An experiment to give an autonomous GPT agent access to a browser and have it accomplish tasks

Gif example


nextjs-chatgpt-plugin-starter: ChatGPT plugin starter project using Next.js

langchain-pdf-qa: use a local PDF/text file to ask questions and generate asnwers.

weathergpt: WeatherGPT is a ChatGPT Plugin to get the weather of any given location.

CleanShot 2023-04-13 at 13 16 45


superpower-chatgpt: Superpower ChatGPT Chrome Extension

zod-chatgpt: use of zod and openai's chatgpt to generate formatted, typed, consistent output

ethgpt: Chatbot for Ethereum codebase and docs.

yaml-runner: yaml-runner is a command-line tool that automates the execution of tasks based on instructions defined in YAML files.

autoheal: AutoGPT Agent which automatically fixes your tests. GPT-powered TDD.

Autoheal Logo


flowgpt: Generate diagram with AI

SQLiteGPT: SQL function for SQLite to directly query OpenAI's ChatGPT

liquery: Powerful search, tagging, filtering and sorting via simple text query language, for SQLite databases

See full list of new javascript tools

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