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Joe Previte (he/him)
Joe Previte (he/him)

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2019 Goals — May Update

May was a busy month! I married my best friend and girlfriend of 3.5 years 😍 Hence, I focused on that and put my goals on the side for the month. But here's my update as always.


Here, I’ll share the goal followed by the related achievement of the month after the arrow.


  • Read 12 Books -> Read "The Meaning of Marriage" and "Remote: Office Not Required"

A friend of ours gave us "The Meaning of Marriage" in preparation for the new chapter. It was full of a lessons and advice on having a successful marriage.

The other book I read was "Remote: Office Not Required". I'm very interested in remote culture. I work occasionally from home at my current job, but I see remote-work being the "norm" in the future. It also had some interesting strategies for pitching remote-work to your employer, which I may try 😉

That's all folks! Until next month!

[Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash]

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