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Joe Previte (he/him)
Joe Previte (he/him)

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2019 Goals — August Update


Here, I’ll share the goal followed by the related achievement of the month after the arrow.


  • Launch 2 projects on Product Hunt -> Launched the landing page for 🎉

I worked all month getting things ready and last Friday, I launched the landing page for a virtual coworking community I've started called 😄

I'm really excited because we already have 200 members 😱

The idea behind it? Well, it came to me after months of going to coffeeshops in the weeknights and weekends to find the atmosphere I wanted while working on my side projects.

I knew I could make it work when I heard about Tandem. Tandem allows you to create rooms where you can instantly video/audio chat. By combing Tandem with a private Slack Workspace, dip was born 😄

I don't have any immediate plans for the future, but for now, you can sign up at


  • Write 6 articles -> How to Release a Custom React Component, Hook or Effect as an npm Package

This was a blog post in the making. I probably started it in August but Twilio finally published it on their blog! You can read it here: How to Release a Custom React Component, Hook or Effect as an npm Package

  • React Custom Hooks Workshop

Another project long in the making is the React Custom Hooks Workshop I've been working on for egghead. It's finally happening! In two weeks, I'll be teaching my workshop called "Create & Publish Custom React Hooks". There are still some tickets left if you're interested:


That's all folks! Until next month!

[Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash]

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Jason C. McDonald

You may consider using the #devjournal tag for these posts; it exists precisely for this sort of post.

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Joe Previte (he/him)

Didn't know that was a thing- thanks for sharing, Jason!