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Joe Previte (he/him)
Joe Previte (he/him)

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2019 Goals — April Update

Last year, I wrote a monthly progress update on my goals. I'm doing the same thing for 2019. Previously, I wrote these articles on Medium. Now I'm switching over to 😄


Here, I’ll share the goal followed by the related achievement of the month after the arrow.


  • Focus on relationships that matter -> Spending time with friends/co-workers

I feel like this month I actually made progress towards this goal. I sometimes say yes or do things because I feel like I should rather than because I want to. This month, I spent more time with high school friends that are important to me and I also spend some time with my co-workers outside of work.

I hope to continue focusing on these important relationships rather than trying to please everyone.


  • Read 12 Books -> Finished "The Clean Coder" and "Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations"

One of my co-workers recommended "The Clean Coder" by Robert Cecil Martin and so I started it last month. It was a fantastic book! It made me realize what it means to be a "professional" developer and gave tips on how to work towards that in my career.

I also read "Accelerate...". I wasn't a huge fan. The research was interesting, but it felt more like an academic paper published inside a book. It merely validated my previous beliefs of how important things like CI/CD are in shipping software quickly.

  • Launch 2 Products on Product Hunt -> Lots of work on

April was a productive month for! I give some credit to the Pioneer Tournament I joined, which has forced some accountability on this project.

I hope to continue making progress and eventually, ship the first version this year.


I had an absolute blast speaking at Magnoliajs in Jackson, Mississippi. It was my first in-person tech conference I was speaking at.

The experience taught me a lot. I realized:

1) how down-to-earth tech speakers are
2) jokes/humor can spice up talks more than enthusiasm

That being said, I hope to continue speaking at meetups/conferences and getting better at my delivery.

I had been holding onto this article for a while. I wrote it up for a friend maybe 6 months ago but never got around to publishing it. Instead, I was sharing it with people privately.

Now, it's published and ready to be shared with the community! 😄

That's all folks! Until next month!

[Photo by Stephen Walker on Unsplash]

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Hey Joe!

I think ya might've accidentally left off a bit of text here:

You've had an awesome month! This is great idea btw, loving the format of goal -> related monthly achievement ... cool article!

jsjoeio profile image
Joe Previte (he/him)

Haha whoops! Sorry about this. Meant to finish that before publishing but overlooked it - thanks for catching that 😅

And thank you! I thought would be an easy way to share my goals with others. Glad you liked it!

mark_nicol profile image
Mark Nicol

What a great idea. I love the way that you're not just sharing your goals but setting such a nice context for anyone reading.

jsjoeio profile image
Joe Previte (he/him)

Thanks, Mark!

I try to assume no one has seen the other articles, so then if they find themselves here, they're not completely lost.

pickleat profile image
Andy Pickle

Nice. Welcome to

I should post my progress updates on here as well! Hold myself accountable to my goals.

jsjoeio profile image
Joe Previte (he/him)

Thanks, Andy!

Yeah, it's worth a shot! Might help 😄