Today I learned: building an application's GUI using Glade

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I've wrote a lot of Python's scripts for many task, such like web scraping or Telegram cool things. But until this week I never designed a non-web-based UI. I started using Glade and Gtk.

Just drag and drop some widgets into a GtkApplicationWindow, save it into your project's folder and load it.

    import gi
    gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0')

    from gi.repository import Gtk

    class ButtonHander():
        # button action's code here!

    builder = Gtk.Builder()

    window = builder.get_object("mainWindow")


Because GUIs are cool!

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I use glade for my gui tools all the time. Itβ€˜s a real time saver. :)


Thanks for sharing! Glade looks pretty similar to page.sourceforge.net/ which is for Python.

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