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Getting started as developer

Cover image from Flickr, taken by Michael Himbeault.

Getting started as developer, never was easy. When I started to develop, about 8 years ago when I was 16, I had only few books about C++ and they look like monsters.

In fact, I started to develop because one day, my best friend comes to my house and he made me a purposal: "Let's create our own videogame!". A videogame? A videogame made by us? Why not? It sounds great! He had some designs, ideas and most of the game created... but no code. Only tons of papers. He knew I had lot of experience with computers but I never programmed anything. So, I took my C++ books and I started to read them.

To be honest, when I was 16, the programming basics were too complicated for me. Until I was 18 and started to code in class, I couldn't code anything and actually know what I was making. Why? Because I hadn't any support, only complicated and old books from the library. Thanks to Torvalds, all that has changed. So, learn to code is easy, if you know how!

There are tons of programming languages.

With all forms, colors and purposes.

Do you want to start with something powerful, easy and simple? You have Scratch! Do you want to learn a multipurpose powerful, and easy to learn language? You have Python! Do you want to create awesome websites? JavaScript have an extensive ecosystem! Do you want make... videogames? You have a lot of libraries, frameworks and resources, like Unity3D (based on C#), PyGame (Python library), Gosu (Ruby library).

OK, we have a lot of langs. How to use it?

To learn all those things, we have a lot of resources too. Books (boooring but useful!), courses (just Google "udemy free coupons"), and interactive courses, the final boss of learning.

Platforms like Codecademy or CodeSchool are pretty awesome websites to learn. They have interactive editor, videos, and cool explanations about everything in the development universe. In fact, CodeSchool has the probably coolest Ruby on Rails course I've seen: Rails for Zombies.

All of this things made learn how to code funnier, easier and better. Do not think twice and become a developer today!

This is my very first post on, and I'm not very good at English, so, sorry for the possible mistakes.

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