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Nevertheless, JR Coded

Judith Rohatiner

Its a Mission

Pay It Forward

I continue to code because I love what I do. I am fascinated by what I can create. It gives me satisfaction when I work on a project that helps other people and makes a difference in some way. That's why I have done a lot of work in higher ed. It is also why I have contributed accessible features in mainstream projects.

Be Assertive Not Aggressive

I recently worked on a project where my work was credited to another team member. He had pirated my code and discredited me. I knew the situation wasn't going to end well and made it an opportunity to face this person in an assertive way. I stated the issues and made it clear that I knew what he did and didn't approve. And then I moved on to better things.

Helping Other Women

It is a mission for all women devs (and our allies) to mentor and help each other by providing resources and support above all else when we are working.

My philosophy is to focus on creating an environment of sisterhood that uplifts other women coders. I don't focus on the issues of how to change the patriarchal attitude that exists in some tech environments but how to change what I do to help other women succeed. It is a mission for all of us.

My advice to allies of women who code

Mentor, provide resources and communicate.

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Kim Arnett 

Love your advice -- did he end up taking the code down? or continue scamming others?

jrohatiner profile image

He's still out there scamming. As for the code he took credit for....karma. 😜