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I’ve definitely coded… and coded…and still hung in there and coded..,

I’ve been a member of the dev community since its beginning and I’ve been a part of #shecoded since it began as well and I wanted to share a great story about the company that I work for: K16 Solutions.
For the first time in many years believe that I am in a company that is open to everything and everyone. Their focus is on the talent that every person has without judging their gender (or their age for that matter) or anything else about them other than the fact that they have skills to contribute on the team. It is the most honest employee - employer relationship I’ve ever had and I just want to send kudos out to K16 because they’ve worked really hard to make the company what it is but above and beyond that they are looking after the people who are a part of what they are.

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Jess Lee

That's so great ❤️