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Discussion on: How do I get experience when I have no experience?

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How to get a job w/out exp:
Volunteer - find non-profits, 501C3's, orgs, community groups, etc and offer your tech skills. They will find something for you to do and you'll be helping someone in need.
Projects/Challenges/Hackathons - Angelhack, Leetcode
Offer to work on your family's digital products. (ie "hey Uncle Joe, your 1995 website needs updating. I'll do it for free").
Join your Slack and Meetup groups and network with experienced members
Open Source for real! Here's a great place to start: (follow links to other "docs need help" like HTML, js) gr8 comment @benhalpern - docs are a low stress way to begin.

If you have never done a technical interview I recommend you get "Cracking the Coding Interview" or contact me ( and we can figure out how I can lend you my copy.
I love the comments about stepping up to your potential! Go after jobs you think you can't get. It's never as hard as you think and what do you have to lose? If you don't get the job you're no worse off than before you tried.

Join remote work sites and start with ridiculously under priced tasks. At least you'll be working and beefing up your list of projects.

Good luck. And don't give up. It's a journey not a destination :)

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Tiffany Wismer Author

Super helpful advice! These are all great ideas. Thanks!