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There is an amazing online bootcamp coming up. My friends @frontendmasters are hosting a 2 week beginners bootcamp and I want to give away 5 tickets. If you want to do this, and it will help you to have a ticket, please let me know. I will pay for your registration. All I ask is that, sometime in the future, you do the same for someone else.
FEM bootcamp

Friends, please post your request to attend here, on DEV and include your email.

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Friends, the five tickets have been distributed! Congrats to:

You all can log in to frontend masters here:
If there is any issue logging in let me know. Your email should get you in with the password I emailed to you.

Wish I had more to give; but that's all I have to give away.

Enjoy! Namaste!


Hey Judith,

Could you please give me one of those tickets?


Thank you!


It will be my pleasure to register you now :) Enjoy!


hey serg,
I need your email. Can you send pls to judithrohatiner@gmail.com :)


Hi Judith, from France, I'd like to be a part of it !


awesome! Can you dm your email please :)
or send to my email (top of post :)

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