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Singer ETL + Airflow + Django + Docker: The last frontier

jperozo profile image jperozo ・1 min read

Hello guys, this is my first post here. I'm a web development full stack engineer and I have at least 7 years working with Django, since its 1.5 version.

This year, on this COVID's crisis, I continued working (because the show must go on), and my team and I, found an interesting problem which I want to share with the world in order to be helpful with another developer, who like us, can face a similar problem.

I want to share two articles I published on medium in which I talk about my experience working with these tools.

This first one is about why we did this and the second is the fun and interesting part.

1) Building our Tower of Babel: Django + Singer ETL + Airflow for all audiences:

2) Django + Singer ETL + Airflow: blood, sweat and Docker:

I hope you can enjoy them as I did writing them :)!

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