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Tricky async declarations

jotafeldmann profile image Jota Feldmann Updated on ・1 min read

Imagine the following code, using Express and Sequelize:

app.get('/', async (_, res) => {
  const result = await sequelizeModel.getStuff()[0]
  return res.status(200).send(result)

In simple words: given an endpoint, it will execute a query on the database and return the result.

But there's a small gotcha: that code works but doesn't return the results, because at the time of the promise creation, the [0] is not available/ready.

Only after the promise/async is fulfilled, the Sequelize object exists.

Working code:

app.get('/', async (_, res) => {
  const result = await sequelizeModel.getStuff()
  return res.status(200).send(result[0])

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