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How to install Vscode on android

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Hello there. Today (about an hour ago) I tried something cool. As the title says it. I will show you how to install visual studio code (code Oss) on android. Yes, you got it right.

I will assume you know how to use a terminal. In this tutorial, we will use the most popular android terminal called termux. You can get it here.

Code Oss

I will not waste your time. It's a fork of visual studio code intended for arm based computers like Chromebooks. You can check on their official site

How to install

Here i assume you've installed termux

Steps :

Install Ubuntu in your Android device. It's targeted for such systems. Copy paste the following and wait for it to finish installing

pkg install wget openssl-tool proot -y && hash -r && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EXALAB/AnLinux-Resources/master/Scripts/Installer/Ubuntu/ubuntu.sh && bash ubuntu.sh

Once done, run this command:


When you are in the Ubuntu terminal, you can run the following to grab the editor.

wget https://github.com/cdr/code-server/releases/download/2.1698/code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz

Extract it with the following.

tar -xvf ./code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz

Voila, you have the editor extracted . Now you can optionally delete the archive to free up some space else your are going to use it later.

The files are no more in an executable format, they need to be placed in a /bin folder for you to have the ability to call it

Due to that, the following command should do the work :

cp ./code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64/code-server /bin

Voilà. You can now call the editor by running "code-server" any where in your terminal and you will be able to use it. It is served on localhost:8080.

Final note: Each time you launch it, you'll see a new password and it can be annoying. So let's set a password in our environment variables.
Run this :

export PASSWORD="<your_password>"

Replace with any password of your choice and each time you launch the editor. You'll use the exact same password.

Here is my original tweet :

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Most credits : Ada Rose article : Coding on Samsung DeX

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Now for bonus points, how do I install node to that ubuntu instance, and map/mount the sd card :D


Any idea how to install code server directly on termux home or make a link for my files to Ubuntu? All of my project folders, packages, modules are in termux home directory which can't seem to be accessed using code server.


Personally I have never tried. You could do so :). I don't use the vscode that much tho

Which code editor are you then using?

Just to let you know, there is also an vs code clone on playstore named VHS code. If you want you could also make a article on that so others can benefit from it.


Those crazy things we can acheive nowadays ! 😅