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Although it has been 3 years old since my last commit, this was probably one of the funnest open source projects I've ever started. It started off as an effort to help a company that refused to use any JavaScript libraries that was not related to the Dojo Toolkit. The company had standardized on using only Dojo to supply their User Experience. It was their belief that if they had used too many frameworks, in conjunction, the user experience would suffer. As I started to work with them, it was quickly noticed that they were building very complex user experiences requiring more than 4000 lines of custom JavaScript code for each page. Talking with the company, I determined that we could supply them with a mini JavaScript framework to help them provide some structure to the code that was running their user experience.

With that being said, jQuery.X was born. When it was first started, I called it PageJS because I didn't want the company to know that I embedded a lite version of jQuery to handle the DOM. Much of the jQuery version I included in the minified file I provided them was missing. I really only included the DOM manipulation part of the library. It started out as a simple MVVM but very quickly evolved into a fully featured library including many of the features that you would expect with an MVVM.

After the company I was working with went under, I took the core ideas of the library and created the first version of jQuery.X. To be clear, PageJS belongs to the company I worked with, but I took some of the patterns and implemented them within the open source version!

Feel free to checkout jQuery.X. Also checkout the many other Open Source Projects UA1 Labs has been working on!

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