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Bringing uxJS (A Simplified MVVM Framework) To A Modern Standard.

joshualjohnson profile image Joshua Johnson ・2 min read

At the point at which I am writing this, uxJS (https://github.com/ua1-labs/uxjs) released some 5 years ago as another framework (https://github.com/joshualjohnson/jquery.x), has yet to be released as a 1.0 production ready library. uxJS was a hard fork of jQuery.x as an attempt to provide an simplified version of an MVVM Framework without using jQuery as the primary force for providing the functionality. This framework has been used in production for creating such user experiences like https://www.thetvshield.com/the-tv-shield-product-selector/.

As rapid as we move in the JS world, I've noticed that it's once again time to update the concepts in uxJS and prepare it for a 1.0 release into the world. In its current version, you can read all about the concept here https://github.com/ua1-labs/uxjs/blob/master/README.md.

Here is what I'm thinking we need to do to modernize the framework:

  1. Move away from controllers all together.
  2. Keep the plugins concept but refactor it so that you can call it a "ux" instead of a plugin.
  3. Remove data-ux-plugins="plugin1 plugin2" and reuse construct data-ux="ux1 ux2" so that you can layer in multiple "ux" definitions to one DOM node.
  4. To register new ux definitions, the api should be refactored from ux.plugin() to ux.define(name)
  5. Update the entire library to use TypeScript
  6. Create an abstract UX class that can be extended can be used to register "ux" definitions.

These are some of the things I am thinking at this point...

I know, I already hear you saying it, "Why yet another JS framework?" and the answer is simple...Because we as humans have the ability push software further along. This framework has lived with me for the past 6 years and will continue to do so and evolve as time moves on. It will remain uxJS for the rest of it's life, but will iterate as we modernize its functionality.

I think that's all I've got! You wanna join me in this refactoring effort?

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