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What are the best alternatives to Adobe assets?

Josh Hadik
My day job is designing and developing websites, but in my off time, I like to build all kinds of things, including Ruby gems, iPhone apps, and Alexa skills.
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Adobe used to have a really cool feature on Creative Cloud called Adobe assets, which worked almost seamlessly with Adobe XD. Basically it provided a quick and easy UI to download icons while designing a wireframe.

So If I was sketching the layout for an iPhone app, and I wanted to add a home icon to the the home tab in the design, I could easily search for home icons, download my favorite one, drag it into the XD file, and position it in home tab section. And all of this could be done for free right from the toolbar at the top of my Mac.

It was such a perfect UX for downloading icons and adding them to a wireframe, and it made the task of designing apps and websites so much simpler.

Unfortunately, Adobe got rid of this feature. I'm not sure why, and I'm definitely not happy about it, but for some reason they decided it didn't make sense anymore to give user's of their products a great experience (clearly I'm not over this yet lol.)

Anyways, now I'm in need of a new method for downloading icons while I sketch wireframes, and I figured what better community to ask for help on this than the dev community! Any of you guys know of a good tool that accomplishes the same thing as Adobe assets?

Ideally it would be free all though I wouldn't mind a product with a small fee attached.

Also, I'm considering dropping Adobe Creative Cloud all together, since I really only used it for Adobe XD and now that I feel like the seamless UX of the whole design process is heading south I'm looking at other options. I've tried sketch but I find it complicated compared to the simplicity of Adobe XD. Anyone know of any other good alternatives?

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