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Joshua Rutkowski
Joshua Rutkowski

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A 4-day workweek?

Recently, I came across the following article on The case for a 4-day workweek.

What are your thoughts? How would your productivity alter by working one less day per week but getting paid the same? πŸ’΅

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Nicholas Stimpson • Edited on

β€œIf we’re going to free up jobs for more people, then we have to go there.” Does the US really need to free up jobs? The US unemployment rate is below 4%, which is pretty low allowing for there always being a certain amount as people move between jobs.

I don't blame unions for arguing for their members to get paid more per working hour, that's kind of their job, but it really doesn't seem that the economy is ready for it yet.

Would my productivity per week alter if I worked fewer hours? Yes of course it would. Silly question.