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Joseph Nunag-Tiotangco
Joseph Nunag-Tiotangco

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Why I Created M.I.E.S.I.S?

Monitoring Income Expense Savings Information System or MIESIS, is an income, expense and savings tracker. The acronym MIESIS came from a Filipino word "MISIS" means "WIFE". It is refer to this because most of the wives around the word are good in financial management or budgeting their family's expenses. The app is trying to emulate this characteristic of a wife. So in a marketing stand point even you are not married or do not have a wife yet, with this app you can manage your financials effectively just like how WIVES around the world do it.

Since I got married, my wife and I used spreadsheet (Excel) to plan our finances. We projected our monthly expenses and savings base on our current financial state. On the other hand, we used this technique while we were saving money for our church wedding. It is a challenge to update the monitoring tool from time to time since we have to turn on the laptop and input the current expense. Maybe others would say we can put the spreadsheet in the cloud like google drive. Yes, I have considered that option but then the following drawbacks is present on that setup:
Opening a file from cloud needs Internet Connectivity - cloud is an internet dependent setup meaning you still need to open your LTE connection to open the monitoring sheet, which is costly.
It is hard to edit and input data in a spreadsheet through mobile phone - have you ever tried to use a spreadsheet in your mobile phone. Try it and you will know. Using your thumb or finger in navigating through the spreadsheet is quite a hustle.
Though we have pass through that challenge and successfully executed our church wedding.

Another inspiration for creating the MIESIS, is that as a newbie programmer / developer / coder I decided to enhance my skill and knowledge and broaden it towards mobile application development. In mobile application development I can publish my work to the public through google play or app store as against with desktop application development.

I would also like everyone to be financial literate or have financial awareness. If you are a "millenial" you are not into this kind of things but now is the time. You should be able to manage your finances independently, with the current features of the app it will show you your current financial status and /or your progress to your savings goal.

Lastly, this mobile application is a plugin concept for all mobile banking applications. YES! you read it right it may be a plugin for mobile banking since most of mobile banking applications features were straight forward such as:
Fund Transfer
Pay bills
Buy Load
These are deduction to your current account balance, fund transfer may either be savings or expense while pay bills and buy load are expenses. The missing feature on these banking apps is the savings goal and progress part. They have encourage individuals to save money on their banks but have they thought them to retain their money in the bank. Having this feature may encourage individual to continuously save money to reach that goal, since there is a visual on their current money saving progress.

If ever this blog be seen by any mobile banking developers or even banks, hoping they would credit or reference the idea to MIESIS.

Mr. Utsavized once said from one of his vlog in youtube, every side projects must have a story for it to be worth doing. Well hope you like the story of MIESIS and hoping you would download and use the app.

Thanks for reading.

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