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Joseph Nunag-Tiotangco
Joseph Nunag-Tiotangco

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From Internal Auditor to Software Engineer

I graduated Bachelor of Science in COMMERCE major in Internal Auditing, but now working as a Software Engineer.

Why did I change career?

I have been an auditor for five (5) long years, being an auditor is like dealing with repetitive task every year. Procedure are as follows: gather data > validate > evaluate > write report > follow up > repeat. I am an analytical person, I like problem solving, I like math that is why I was once an excel (spreadsheet) expert in my previous company, I create template for monitoring with a bit of computation and somewhat automation.

I am bored in writing narrative reports, not just because it should be in English but because there is little mental activity when doing it. I'm not bragging or being boastful in saying that it is a basic activity. Challenge comes when you are able to solve problems. That is when I decided I do not want to be an auditor anymore and I Thank GOD, for his will and direction that leads me to this path.

How did I became a Software Engineer?

One day my wife requested me to create a excel spreadsheet template for monitoring of a department in their company. I decided to put some logic in the template by using Visual Basic Application or VBA Excel. There were buttons and user interface on the template. On the other hand I decided to enhance the template into a real desktop application. I approached one programmer in our company and ask if I can have a copy of Visual Studio installer. I installed the IDE that's how it begun. I watched some Youtube tutorials then BOOM!, I created my first desktop application.

I submitted a letter of intent for lateral transfer to an Executive in our company and submitted source codes of the applications that I created as part of my portfolio. Before that as part of my credentials, I already took units in Masters in Information Technology, diploma was delayed as I have not completed that last 6 units comprising of capstone projects. In GOD's blessing the request for transfer was approved and now I'm a Software Engineer.

What is the first application I coded?

The application was called trsAppv2 (source code: it's a collection application for a condominium corporation but they didn't even bother to use the app. The application was made with

Meantime I also created small desktop application using Windows Forms but I did not made it public by uploading in GitHub.

What programming languages and framework do I know?

As I stated, I started with VBA which is almost similar to VB6, then VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET framework) and currently I am concentrating in C# ("Csharp") a .NET framework programming language. As to framework as stated I am into .NET framework a framework owned and maintained by Microsoft.

What platforms am I doing right now?

Desktop applications is my forte' but currently I am studying and creating apps for Mobile with Xamarin (an open source mobile development platform using .NET framework). While studying I already released my first mobile android application called Monitoring Income Expenses Savings Information System aka MIESIS (Link: ) and PewPewPing (a ping tester app) (Link: ). I will eventually dive into web development using Blazor, currently I'm learning and starting to create my first web app.

What is my proof that I am a Software Engineer?

You can visit my GitHub profile and browse my public source code. Source codes uploaded are my brain child and not from the company I am working.

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