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Laravel GraphQL demo app

joselfonseca profile image Jose Luis Fonseca ・1 min read

In the last few months i've been working on a series of videos (18 in total) where I talked about how to create a GraphQL server with Laravel and then I added a Vue JS frontend, the videos are in Spanish and they were part of a small series of screencast I was doing at the time due to the Covid lockdown.

I've decided to finish the demo app and put it online for anyone who wants to see a way of doing this kind of work and maybe it can also be education material some who ever wants to start writing GraphQL APIs with Laravel.

The demo app is fully functional and is right now hosted in the domain Costeo.app.

I hope this is useful for some people!

The code is in Github!

Happy Coding!


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Hey man, i saw u dockerized it yourself, for laravel there is this awesome docker environment called laradock it can really save you alot of docker pain :)


hey there, yeah i've heard about Laradock, but I am not currently having any docker pain so we are cool there!. Thanks for sharing.


I have problem installing soap cli extension using laradock and also php-worker for queues are not working properly, can you give some help?


try and call a : apt-get update && \

before you call the soap installation candidate

and i usually dont have a problem with the queues, maybe try a clean install for a project create a queue and see what happens.