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Mark Davies
Mark Davies

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Hackathon update #2 - progress a plenty

Okay so first things first, sorry these updates ave not been as plentiful as other people doing the challenge, but damn I hope you enjoy this progress update:

I am pleased to announce that the application has most of the functionality I want it to have so I'm just going to show off the screen shots and talk about some things.

CRUD Organizations:

View (not logged in)

View (logged in)
Organizations authed


View (not logged in):

View (logged in)
Events authed

Event updates:

View (not logged in):

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Updates authed

Use case:

You know whilst developing this a use case hit me that didn't before so i wanted to share with you a thought I had:
Use case

I know right, use my website to advertise my repository, madness, the updates could range from releases to up and coming features etc.

Does it work?

Yes! I'm hoping to get this deployed very soon (this week) just need to figure some things out and then boom, people will be able to have a play

Some concerns?

Yeah...... I've been thinking a lot about the responsibility I have as a developer to allow people to post events and updates and what I've named "call to actions" (links to external sites) and I've been recently afraid of people abusing their power on the site, I've introduced an idea of an "isPublished" flag that is set to false. There is nowhere on the front end and no api to allow for publishing an organization, or event. The only way you can see this information is if you are logged in and are a part of that company.

I need to think aboutthis one a little because obviously people could potentially post spam and link people to malicious websites, I was thinking some kind of url reputation check before the published flag is set.

Don't know, need to think about this more I think but until then signing off

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Scott Simontis

Crap, I need to get started on mine...this month flew by :/

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Mark Davies Author

Tell me about it D:

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