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Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez

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How do you handle burning out?

Hey there, I just want to start a little discussion about burning out in tech, I feel that is something that happens a lot, and I have struggled with it too.

Share your thoughts about it, how do you keep yourself motivated, how do you keep focused on your work without feeling bored or tired.

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Kat 🐆🐾
  • Boundaries at work, taking responsibility to create a life with work life balance. No one else is going to do that for me.
  • Taking responsibility to find work that is interesting to avoid being bored. Challenge yourself, learn something new to keep the passion alive.
  • Balance work, sleep, being active, rest, and play, day in day out. Like arctec said, it's a marathon not a sprint :)
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Arctek 🧊 • Edited

It's a marathon not a sprint.

Also make sure to get some hobbies that keep you active, I wrote a blog post about that.