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Open source e-commerce Rails 6 & GraphQL with JWT

jorgealvarez profile image Jorge Alvarez ・1 min read

Demanda is an open source e-commerce made with Ruby on Rails, GraphQL and JWT.

It started as a student's material for a web development course I teach but it has evolved since.

Whether you are looking for a resource to learn more about GraphQL, Ruby on Rails and JWT authentication or just want a basic e-commerce platform that you can evolve to suit your needs Demanda can help you.

Backend is a ruby on rails well tested application using GraphQL and JWT for authentication.

There is also an example admin interface developed with Svelte JS and Apollo client. It uses TailwindCSS for styling.

I will post in detail about each aspect of the application like authentication, crud, testing, etc.


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I develop websites, sometimes they even work.


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Hi @jorge
I wanted to try Demanda out, but there is still an error when i ztry to sign up a user locally. the app is running well, database is fine etc.




Hi @peterklein

Can you please give me more information about the error? Is it a server side error? Frontend? Any logs you can share?

Thank you,


Thanks for your reply @jorgealvarez

In the frontend after filling my data into the form it throws me:

Variable signupInfo of type SignupInput! was provided invalid value for email (Expected value to not be null), password (Expected value to not be null), accountName (Expected value to not be null)

Hello again:

Apologies, the error was due to a half finished refactor of the Signup page. I've completed it and it should work now.

Update your code to the latest master version, please.