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30 days of code challenge starts tomorrow!

Jordan Irabor
A software engineer sitting in front of two desks and a mechanical keyboard. I build software at [Turing]('') and write tutorials for Pusher and LogRocket.
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Hello guys, the time is finally here.

While I've been following along with other developers' code projects and challenges, I've been planning on doing something of my own!

I made up my mind for good this time.

I'm going to do a 30 days of code challenge starting from tomorrow, I need all the support I can get, guys.

I'll build one [ not so complex ] project each day and blog about it here on so technically, it's also going to be a 30 days of technical articles challenge XD.

Though I've been told that it's not easy to do, I'mma do it. Countdown to tomorrow when it all starts.

Anticipate the flames and Merry Xmas.

Discussion (5)

clsource profile image

Cool Goal.
You can do it :)

Which will be your technology stack?

jordanirabor profile image
Jordan Irabor Author

Thank you!

Well, for the frontend, I'll majorly be using Vue, Angular and React.

As for the backend, it will be Laravel, AdonisJs and Node.

Also, if I learn new a technology along the way, i'll be sure to use and blog about that too!

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Jess Lee (she/her)

WHOOO!!!!! Can't wait to follow along :)

lancecontreras profile image
Lance Contreras

Good luck and have fun! Will be watching your blog.

jordanirabor profile image
Jordan Irabor Author

Thanks for the support!