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Jordan Irabor

A software engineer sitting in front of two desks and a mechanical keyboard. I build software at [Stears]('https://stearsng.com') and write tutorials for Pusher and LogRocket.


B.Sc Computer Science


Fullstack software developer and DevOps engineer at Stears

Work status

I'm looking for work!

How to identify and fix open-source vulnerabilities

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Explain Time Complexity Like I'm Five

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Build An Audio Translator With Vue.js, Yandex Translate API and Responsive Voice

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Goodbye code. No more of you for a bit.

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Music And Video Player With VueJS | Day 2 & 3 [30 Days Of Code]

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Scientific Calculator With VueJS | Day 1 [ 30 days of code ]

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30 days of code challenge starts tomorrow!

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Building Dynamic Breadcrumbs In Laravel

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Real-Time Smart Facebook Messenger Bot With No Code.

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A Super-Simple Guide To Bitcoin And The Blockchain

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Explain DevOps like I'm five

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Using Google Analytics with Angular

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OOPS! Here comes the OOP.

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