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Pulling Out Of Glitch

jonyk56 profile image Jonyk56 ・1 min read

so, today marks a new chapter in my story, and sadly, also the departure of my influence, and projects on the wonderful community/service... I hope that someday i can return, but, for now... I am introducing some new things into my life:

  1. I will be posting almost daily here on
  2. These posts will consist of dev tips, tutorials, and even hints and new features coming to my projects
  3. I will be active yet again on twitter, and begin to assist programmers there
  4. I am going to begin taking advanced cybersecurity/network management classes over the next 1.5 years
  5. My projects must be updated on a near daily basis.

And, that about sums it up, thank y'all, come again, and I shall return glitch!

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