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re: What Should I Make Next? Quick Project Ideas VIEW POST


Uk gov site has loads of apis from traffic to timetables, ti's could be interesting even if for a personal site.

Also work on similar things you have done. Recently I was fixing a website that was so convulted, it was basically uploading a image to firebase and downloading then to a admin panel!

It took way longer than needed and if I fixed something in one place it broke in another, anyway yesterday I was building my own personal site and felt like I wanted to do have some analytics to help show what my clients are searching for and any things they couldn't find.

To cut a long story short I interacted with firebase more than 3 times what his did and implemented it in about a hour without any thinking of design it was all freestyle, not the best practice but still!!

So now in my spare time I'm going to refractor this horrible code from before and do it better not for his benefit but for my own!

Soz for the long ass reply 😂

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