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TIL: Query from the CLI

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Dash the documentation browser for MacOS and iOS is a nifty tool.

It can integrate with a lot of tools like editors etc. but you can also integrate with the CLI.

This example is for Bash, where I have added the following function to my .bash_profile

function dash {
    open "dash://$1"

This lets me do:

$ dash «query»

Which open the Dash application and lists the results.

$ dash chmod

Lists all pages mentioning chmod

Ruby result for chmod

You can even use the configurable search profiles to limit your results set, like so:

$ dash ruby:chmod

Lists all the Ruby pages mentioning chmod, well pages a part of the Ruby search profile, but you get the picture.

Ruby result for chmod


This TIL was curated, seasoned and hand-picked tonight from my TIL collection.

Let me know if you have problems or improvements

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