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The Little Things or One Little Thing in Sonoma

Recently I updated my laptop to the latest and greatest.

I did so after consulting the Ars Technica review.

The review covered the new desktop widgets, so I was keen to try these out and after a successful upgrade I had a look at the widgets and added few, which I normally had other utilities to do:

  • A small date indicator (there is one in the top right corner in the menu)
  • A small calendar (I often open a terminal and use cal)
  • A weather widget, I like to go outside after working hours, so it is nice to see the weather forecast before going for a run or a walk
  • And finally, a widget to indicate the battery on several attached devices and my laptop

All my widgets on my desktop

And here is a little thing that annoys me.

Apple have always been good with even addressing the detail and have always been a very detail oriented company, but here they slip.

The battery indicator widget

As you can see I have battery indicators for two mice - well this is actually a keyboard and a mouse, so I cannot see which is which.

My problem with this is that, before when I wanted to get an overview of my battery status I would open the Bluetooth menu from the Desktop menu and I could see all the devices.

And well what do you know, in that menu the keyboard actually has a keyboard icon and the mouse icon is in the same style as in the widget, so the keyboard icon is probably in some design file somewhere in Apple HQ...

The bluetooth dropdown from the desktop menu

I would very much like for this communicatae the proper information by using proper icons, since then it would be super sweet.

I have written to Apple using some basic feedback form, so my hopes for this to be fixed are not particularly high.

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